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What is the Function Of the Clutch Release Bearing?

Jun. 10, 2021

The clutch release bearing is installed between the clutch and the transmission. The release bearing seat is loosely sleeved on the tubular extension of the first shaft bearing cover of the transmission. The shoulder of the release bearing is always against the release fork through the return spring and retracts to the final position. Keep a gap of about 3~4mm with the end of the separation lever (separation finger). As Automotive Bearing Suppliers, share with you.

Clutch Release Bearing

Clutch Release Bearing

Since the clutch pressure plate, the release lever and the engine crankshaft operate synchronously, and the release fork can only move axially along the clutch output shaft, it is obviously impossible to directly use the release fork to dial the release lever. The release bearing can make the release lever rotate side by side. The output shaft of the clutch moves axially, which ensures that the clutch can engage smoothly, disengage softly, reduce wear, and extend the service life of the clutch and the entire drive train.


If the clutch release bearing fails to meet the above requirements, it is deemed to be malfunctioning. After a failure occurs, the first thing to judge is which phenomenon belongs to the damage of the release bearing. After the engine is started, lightly step on the clutch pedal. When the free stroke is just eliminated, there will be a "rusting" or "squeaking" sound. Continue to step on the clutch pedal. If the sound disappears, it is not a release bearing problem. If there is still a sound, it is a release bearing ring.

When checking, you can remove the clutch bottom cover, and then depress a little accelerator pedal to slightly increase the engine speed. If the noise increases, you can observe whether there are sparks. If there are sparks, it means that the clutch release bearing is damaged. If the sparks burst out one after another, it means that the release bearing ball is broken. If there is no spark, but there is a metal cracking sound, it means excessive wear.

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