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What are the Phenomena and Judgment Methods of Automobile Bearing Damage?

Oct. 29, 2021

Support the front wheel and manually rotate the front wheel, you will hear an abnormal noise. If the bearing is in use, it can be judged by the flexibility of rotation and the sound made during rotation. The hub bearing is one of the key parts of the automobile. Its main function is to carry weight and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. This requires it to bear not only the axial load but also the radial load.

Automobile plane bearings are also called pressure bearings, and they are the most common in automobile suspension types, because the suspension is characterized by the existence of spring shock absorbers as load-bearing struts, and this strut combined with the steering knuckle also bears the left and right rotation fulcrum of steering. The plane bearing is placed on the top of the shock absorber, between the spring and the top rubber of the shock absorber. It has to withstand the up and down pressure and also be able to rotate freely. So for suspension, this is an important part. The following Auto Bearing Manufacturer let's learn about the failure performance of plane bearings and how to judge the failure of plane bearings.

Automotive Bearing

Automotive Bearing

The reason for the damage of the plane bearing: Generally, the ball thrust bearing is used now. The ball thrust bearing has a shortcoming, the vertical bearing is large, and it cannot withstand the horizontal force. When the steering wheel is turned in place, the friction between the tire and the ground, the ground has a horizontal torque to the tire, and this torsion makes the axle supporting the tire tilt . The force of the shaft tilt acts on the plane bearing, causing the bearing to receive a horizontal force.

Over time, the contact surface between the ball and the bearing frame is deformed. This deformation is irregular, which is why the rattle sound occurs. In addition, the quality of domestic bearing materials is not good enough, and insufficient surface treatment hardness may also be a reason. I personally feel that the first damage is the part in the red circle. This place is the weakest.

How to judge the failure of automobile plane bearing:

1. There is an abnormal sound of "Da Da Da Da" when steering, or turning the steering wheel in the same position or at a low speed will make a choking sound

2. There will be a rattling sound at a low speed steering angle, the steering wheel will vibrate, and the direction will become heavier.

3. Tire noise becomes noticeably louder when driving

4. Abnormal noise over speed bump

5. The vehicle runs sideways

6. The steering system is damaged

7. The suspension system is damaged.

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