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Uses of Wheel Bearings

Aug. 12, 2021

As an Auto Bearing Manufacturer, share with you. Bearings have always existed since the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. The concept behind wheel bearings is simple: Rolling is better than sliding. When things slide, the friction between them slows down their speed. If the two surfaces can roll on each other, friction will be greatly reduced. The ancient Egyptians placed logs under heavy stones so they could roll them to construction sites, thereby reducing the friction caused by dragging the stones to the ground.

Although bearings greatly reduce friction, automobile wheel bearings are still subject to many abuses. They must not only support the weight of your vehicle when driving through potholes, different types of roads and occasional curbs, but also must withstand the lateral forces of your corners, and must complete all of these tasks while leaving the wheels idling. The friction is minimal in the case of several thousand revolutions per minute. They must also be self-sufficient and tightly sealed to prevent dust and water contamination.

Most newer cars and trucks and SUVs with independent front suspension have sealed bearings on the front wheels. Sealed wheel bearings have a design life of more than 100,000 miles, and many bearings can travel twice as long. Even so, depending on the driving style of the vehicle and the environment in which the bearing is exposed, the average life span of the bearing may be between 80,000 and 120,000 miles.

Auto Wheel Bearing Kit

Auto Wheel Bearing Kit

A typical wheel hub contains an inner wheel bearing and an outer wheel bearing. The bearings are of roller type or ball type. Tapered roller bearings are the best choice because they support horizontal and lateral loads more effectively and can withstand extreme shocks, such as bumps. The bearing surface of the tapered bearing is at an angle. Tapered roller bearings are usually installed in pairs, with angles facing opposite directions, so they can withstand thrust in two directions. Steel roller bearings are small drums that support the load. The taper or angle supports horizontal and lateral loads.

The wheel bearings are made of high quality and high specification steel. Inner and outer rings, rings with grooves where balls or rollers are located, and rolling elements, rollers or balls are all heat treated. The hardened surface greatly increases the wear resistance of the bearing.

The weight of an average vehicle is approximately 4,000 pounds. This is a weight that must support thousands of miles. In order to operate as required, the wheel bearings must be in almost perfect condition, have sufficient lubrication, and be sealed to prevent lubricant ingress and contamination. Although wheel bearings are designed for a long service life, constant load and rotation can cause damage to the bearings, grease, and seals. Premature failure of wheel bearings is due to damage caused by impact, contamination, grease loss, or a combination of these factors.

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