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What Should Do If the Auto Steering Bearing is Rusty?

Sep. 09, 2021

As a auto accessories supplier, I will share it with you.

The auto steering bearing assembly is the core part of the automobile steering system, and its performance is directly related to traffic and personal safety.

The function of the auto steering bearing is to transmit the steering torque that the driver acts on the steering wheel to the steering gear. Its upper part is fixedly connected to the steering wheel, and the lower part is connected to the steering gear. The auto steering bearing passes through the steering column tube and is supported on bearings and bushes in the column tube. Some auto steering bearings not only have a certain degree of rigidity, but also have an energy-absorbing function to prevent injuries.


Auto Steering Bearing 

Auto Steering Bearing

Causes of Rust on the Auto Steering Bearing

*The rust of the auto steering bearing may be caused by the car soaking in water.

*The rust of the auto steering bearing may also be caused by its own material. For example, the auto steering bearing has not been rust-proofed.

*Because the cleaning agent is used for a long time to clean the engine and steering gear casing, it is easy to cause the auto steering bearing to rust.

*In the case of frequent movement of the auto steering bearing, friction will occur more or less, and the protective layer on the surface will easily rust after being damaged. Coupled with the high temperature and humidity in some areas, the inventory vehicles are more prone to rust.


The Hazards of Auto Steering Bearing Rust

From a safety point of view, rust means that rust prevention has not been done well. Moreover, if left untreated, the rust will further erode other parts of the auto steering bearing, resulting in an increase in the range and depth of the rust, which will eventually cause the auto steering bearing to be broken and may lead to driving safety accidents.


How to Deal with the Rust of the Auto Steering Bearing?

Rust on the auto steering bearing of a car is a common phenomenon. Don't worry, just remove the rust if it is rusted. Rust on the auto steering bearing of a car can be dealt with as follows:


1. First, use a fine emery cloth to remove and wipe the rust of the auto steering bearing, then use a white candle to melt at high temperature, and apply the melted wax to the metal part of the auto steering bearing. The thickness of the coating can be determined by yourself;

This method of applying wax can prevent moisture and isolate the air. It is believed that it will not rust for several years;


2. It can also be applied with rosin perfume (melt the rosin powder with alcohol). Its effect is the same as that of paraffin, but it has better moisture resistance.

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