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What You Need to Know about Motor Noise?

Oct. 29, 2021

The most common generator failure (other than brush wear) is the failure of its bearings. As an Auto Bearing Manufacturer,I will share with you.

Why is there noise?

Although the generator is one of the most stable mechanisms, no car is immune to its failures. Often, failures are accompanied by bearing noise. If the driver hears a squealing sound, this indicates poor belt tension. In this case, this condition will be corrected by his stretching.

Bearing wear is always indicated by a humming sound. If the driver begins to hear such a noise from under the hood, do not hesitate to repair it. The reason for this is that without the generator, the car will not go far, because the battery in the vehicle's electrical system acts as a starting element. It does not have enough power to drive.

A worn bearing starts making noise because it is closely connected to the engine crankshaft. The force is transmitted to it through the pulley. Due to this reason, the noise increases with the speed.

Auto Generator Bearing

Auto Generator Bearing

How can I eliminate the noise of the generator?

The first one is the easiest, but at the same time the most expensive. We simply buy a new mechanism and drive it until the old one "dies". Then we replace it with a new one. It should be remembered that failures can occur at the most inopportune moments, when repairs are not possible and you need urgent action.

For this reason, and for economic reasons, most drivers buy new bearings and go to the car for repair after a noise from the generator. Then, or they try to replace the parts themselves.

While replacing the part may seem simple at first glance, it requires some skill. For this reason, not everyone can do this effectively without damaging the mechanism.

How do I replace Auto Generator Bearing?

You need to purchase a quality generator bearing immediately. Then you can start disassembling the generator set by performing the following operations.

Remove the rear protective cover that is secured with nuts and screws.

Unscrew the relay fasteners.

Unscrew the double-headed bolts that connect the front and rear of the generator set.

Remove the generator.

Remove the pulley using a wrench. It is not desired to lock the impeller or pulley with a temporary tool, which can cause additional mechanical damage.

Remove the rear bearing with the special puller.

You will then need to tap the rotor out of the front bearing and remove it.

Install the new bearing and electromechanical device into the collector.

Do not remember to check the wear of the collector brushes by the way.

The removal method may vary slightly depending on the generator model. Please perform a full diagnosis of the electromechanical equipment before starting the replacement. Such planned actions can help you to make quality and quick repairs to your car.

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