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Auto Belt Tensioner Pulley Bearing

Tensioner Pulley Bearing

Based on advanced bearing technology, Rime Max Tensioner Pulley Bearing has met the stringent requirements of major automobile manufacturers for many years.

The best material selection for high temperature use

Ideal sealing design to prevent grease leakage

Low torque engineering to reduce excessive seal friction

Grease selection for high temperature and long-term use

Optimal clearance

Tolerance control to achieve correct alignment

During this process, an automatic defect detector was installed. Strict quality control allows us to aim for zero defects. We cover a wide range of car manufacturers and models, with hundreds of part numbers.

Function of Tensioner Pulley Bearing

Tensioner Pulley Bearing

The belt-driven outer ring mechanism is an inherent feature of this design. The Tensioner Pulley Bearing is placed on the slack side. (Tight side idler bearing) There are many styles according to the engine type.

Tensioner Pulley Bearing function

● Provide tension to the belt

● Transmission of driving force from crankshaft

● Prevent belt slippage

● Prevent the noise caused by the belt disconnection

● Minimize the belt layout space

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