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Auto Clutch Release Bearing

Auto Clutch Release Bearing Supplier

Linqing Prime Seiko Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of bearings and parts. As a professional Chinese clutch release bearing manufacturer and clutch release bearing factory, we provide high-quality automotive hub bearings, clutch release bearings, tensioner bearings, gearbox bearings, ball bearings, and roller bearings. These clutch release bearings are in accordance with TS16949 Manufactured by international standards.

Advantages of automobile clutch release bearings

Design and reliability have been proven in millions of cars worldwide

Enhanced grease retention-no maintenance required

Large clutch contact surface provides flexibility for design and selection

Patented design provides maximum load capacity, durability, efficient operation and long life

Advantages of Linqing Prime Seiko Parts:

1. Stable quality and supply to different countries

2. Reasonable and competitive price: support our customers to be strong and competitive in the market

3. High-quality service: timely response, efficient work, timely action

4. Short delivery time

5. Accept small orders

Also known as a thrust bearing, bearings compatible with clutches help smooth, provide lower vibration and noise reduction. In addition, clutch release bearings also perform well in heavy-duty transmissions. Allows the maximum speed to be reached under the maximum load while resisting wear, thereby prolonging the life of the bearing.

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